Why Perform A Backflow Test?

Why Perform A Backflow Test?

Almost every home and building in Ontario, CA has running water, and the way you get running water is through gravity and pressure.  The city’s utility provider pumps water into water towers, and because they stand over the roofs of every home in the neighborhood these towers keep the water in your pipes ready to flow whenever you open a tap.  The water can then flow into a thousand drains and on into the sewage system.

The Backflow Issue

The pressure in the water pipes that lead to your home is supposed to stay constant, but sometimes an accident or a mistake can create a problem.  If a pipe freezes and bursts, if the neighborhood demands so much water at once that the water tower can’t provide enough, or if construction work hits and breaks an underground pipe, outside water can infiltrate the system and contaminate your supply.  This is called backflow, and it can be extremely dangerous to your health.

Backflow Prevention Options

One way to prevent backflow is to leave an air gap between plumbing fixtures and places where water collects.  For instance, you should never completely submerge an outdoor faucet head in water by attaching it directly to a pool or leaving a connected hose underwater.  Water valves should also be kept out of water.  You can also install a backflow preventer valve, a one-way valve you can put in your pipes near where contaminated water can enter the system.

Backflow Testing Is Important

You can know for sure that your pipes have a backflow problem when you turn on the tap and the water is brown.  However, your water can be crystal clear and still hold contaminants from the soil like heavy metals, dangerous chemicals, and infectious bacteria.  That’s why it’s a good idea to call a professional plumbing service like Care One Plumbing to periodically give your home a backflow test.  That way you can know for sure that the water in your Ontario, CA home or commercial building is as safe and clean as you need it to be.

Our Other Services

In addition to backflow testing, Care One Plumbing can also help your Ontario, CA house or other building with other issues.

  • Building plumbing inspections for when you’re looking to buy a new property.

  • Water heater repair and replacement, including tankless heaters.

  • Garbage disposal installation and clog removal.

  • Water softener installation and maintenance.

  • Sewage and drain clearing.

  • Foundation slab leak repair.

  • Leak detection complete with video footage you can review personally.

  • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling that replaces fixtures like toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers.

  • Emergency plumbing services, since some leaks can cause a lot of damage fast.

A backflow can contaminate your whole water supply, or it can some of your taps run brown while the rest look fine.  Regular testing lets you know whether you have a backflow problem, plus it can help you learn about your risk factors so you can take steps to prevent a backflow before it happens.  If you live in our area, go ahead and contact Care One Plumbing and set up an inspection today.