Understanding the Sewer Camera Inspection Process

Understanding the Sewer Camera Inspection Process

When there are sewer problems, you will most likely find that sewer cameras or video pipe inspections are needed to help diagnose the cause of a sewer backup or other problem that is occurring. 

Therefore, it is important as a homeowner in Ontario, CA to understand what the sewer camera inspection process is and what exactly it is used for. 

The Mechanics of a Sewer Line Camera

The sewer camera is used to see what is either causing a blockage in the sewer or diagnose other problems that may exist, such as pipe damage or a buildup in the pipes. It is a better way to diagnose without having to guess at the problem. Sewer problems and repairs are not cheap, so it is always better to be able to pinpoint the problem and then complete the necessary work.

The camera is extremely flexible and small and is attached to a cable that the plumber can easily feed through the sewer pipe. They will keep feeding the camera until they see the problem. The radio transmitter on the camera also records the physical location of the problem as well as what the depth is from the surface. 

All of this information is then used to help the plumber decide what work needs to be done to rectify the problem at your home in Ontario. 

Types of Problems the Sewer Camera May Find

Sewer inspection cameras can find several different problems within the sewer lines, including the following:

Tree Root Infiltrations. This is one of the most common causes of sewer pipe problems and typically happens when the pipes are made from older materials like clay, cast iron, or some other porous material. The roots of the tree will search for water and then crack into the sewer pipe to tap into the water source. 

Broken and Cracked Pipes. If the pipes have broken, collapsed, or cracked or have been damaged in any way, the camera will be able to identify this and then pinpoint the exact location of the pipe that needs to be replaced. 

Blockages. Some of the more common causes of sewer blockages include grease and the buildup of other materials that never should have made their way into the pipes, to begin with, like household items including paper and other gunk. 

Sagging. When the pipes begin to sage, the waste begins to collect and get trapped in the bellied portion of the sagging pipe. This can cause continuous blockages. 

Sewer Repair and Replacement

Once the sewer camera and your plumber have identified the source and cause of the sewer problems, it is then time to discuss sewer repair and replacement options. One option involves a traditional repair and may be the only option if the pipes are damaged. This requires a trench to be dug in the yard to uncover the sewer line and repair all the damage. This option can also cause damage to other parts of the property as well.

Trench-less sewer repair and replacement is a less invasive option and won't damage the property as much as the traditional replacement would. But sometimes the problem is just too big and requires far too much in the way of repairs and replacement and in those cases, the only option is a traditional repair. 

The plumber you have in Ontario, CA will be able to walk you through your options and determine the best course of action for you.