Tips To Help You And Your Family Avoid Stoppages While Everyone Is At Home

Tips To Help You And Your Family Avoid Stoppages While Everyone Is At Home

Ontario residents are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic just like everyone else in the world. Many homeowners and their families are remaining inside their homes, only leaving sparingly and whenever necessary to avoid contracting or spreading the novel coronavirus. This means that home plumbing systems are used much more often now, so much so that if people aren't careful, they could have difficult stoppages on their hands. 

Algae and food are some of the common elements that cause problems in the kitchen and bath drains. When substances get trapped somewhere down the lines, water can no longer flow. Then, before people even realize it, they are standing in ankle-deep water in the tub or shower. On other occasions, individuals might notice water building up in the bathroom lavatory while they are shaving or brushing their teeth. 

Don’t Hesitate To Contact The Professionals To Unstop Your Drains

Of course, there are also those dreaded moments when homeowners find that their garbage disposals can't handle the leftovers they tried to grind up. Nasty water tends to fill the sink when this happens, and sometimes it even backs up into the dishwasher. Ontario citizens should not fret if they experience these types of problems as they can schedule plumbing services with our team to get them nipped in the bud promptly. We have the tools and experience to nip pesky stoppages in the bud and get your drains flowing again. 

Now, here are some tips you can try to help you avoid incidents.

Keep The Blades Of Your Garbage Disposal Sharp By Chopping Up An Ice Cube

A garbage disposal can be your best friend when it is working correctly. The blades inside the unit chop up foods into tiny bits and send them to the main drain. These machines are extremely convenient, allowing people who have them to skip throwing leftovers in trash cans where they can rot. However, it is not uncommon for the blades to become dull after extended use. Then, stoppages occur.

CA homeowners who want to keep their garbage disposals in pristine condition should consider chopping up a piece of ice inside them every now and then. The ice sharpens the edges of the blades and cleans out any gunk that might be trapped on or beneath them. Always be sure to put the stopper in place before turning the device on to ensure that a piece of ice doesn't fly out and hit you. 

Drop Chlorine Tablets Or Pour Bleach Into Your AC Drain To Prevent Stoppages

Sometimes, bathtub and lavatory drains may appear to fill up by themselves. This happens because of the central air conditioning unit's drain draining into them. Slimy algae accumulate in the lines. Then, the condensation from the unit has nowhere to go, and the water rises in the fixtures. Usually, there are tees installed on the drains near the AC units themselves. Homeowners can pour liquid bleach into the openings to kill the algae. Various companies also sell chlorine tablets for this purpose. 

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