Signs That Indicate Your Home Might Be Ready For A Re Pipe

Signs That Indicate Your Home Might Be Ready For A Re Pipe

Most of the time, Ontario residents don't like to hear the words home and re-pipe in the same sentence. Why? Well, for one, installing new water lines can often be quite costly. Plus, depending on what type of materials the plumber uses, there may be some damages involved in the process as well. For instance, drywall might have to become cut out in certain places or backs of cabinets could have to be removed. Then, the property owner usually has to call in another contractor to patch the sections.

Our organization offers two types of re-piping services, copper and PEX. The first tends to be longer-lasting, provides natural bacterial resistance, works well both indoors and outside. As mentioned earlier, with this kind of material, portions of walls usually have to be cut out to get the pipe in place. Additionally, the price of copper re-piping tends to be substantially higher than PEX re-piping.

PEX has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so. It is flexible and can typically be run down channels without causing much if any damage. This option is affordable and worth considering. However, there is one thing homeowners need to keep in mind. PEX is good in both hot and cold temperatures, but the pipe itself is prone to developing pinhole leaks. In other words, Ontario citizens might experience problems a lot quicker with this selection than copper.

Corrosion On Old Galvanized Lines Are A Tell-Tale Sign That Trouble Could Be On Its Way

As galvanized water pipes begin to age, it is not uncommon for corrosion to build-up around the threads. Then again, this material is also notorious for developing pinholes and resealing them. In turn, wear and tear can evolve in these spots too. Manufacturers make parts such as dresser couplings and repair clamps to fix the issues, but often, these items only work as temporary repairs. Once a pinhole becomes present in one section of the pipe, it is just a matter of time before other ones pop up elsewhere. Hence, it may be in a Ontario homeowner's best interest to take a peek in the attic now and again to check on the condition of their water lines.

No Water Pressure Might Be An Issue With Galvanized Pipes Too

On many occasions, rust develops on the inside of galvanized tubes. Sometimes, it breaks free and catches in toilet ballcocks or behind faucet stems. In these instances, the plumber may be able to unstop the fixture itself. However, in other cases, the pipe can stop up entirely. Thus, a re-pipe could be called for to get the water flowing and everything back in order again.  

Stains/Water Leakage Could Indicate Its Time To Re-Pipe

Obviously, if there is water pouring through one's ceiling or coming out of the wall, an issue exists. It could have to do with the roof, or it may be appearing from a broken line. Stains on drywall also symbolize problems. In either situation, it is necessary to call a contractor out to find out what is going on. The technicians will be more than happy to offer their assistance, and they will be able to tell you if you need a re-pipe or not.

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