Home Basics: 4 Signs You Need To Call A Plumber Immediately

Home Basics: 4 Signs You Need To Call A Plumber Immediately

When you think about what you need to spend on for any particular week or month, the farthest thing from your mind is probably your plumbing. Issues with your plumbing are not as readily visible at a quick glance as, say, a hole in your living room wall, or a broken doorknob. By the time you see something really noticeable, it’s way too late, things have already gotten out of hand and fixing the problem will cost you big bucks. So to avoid problems like that in your Ontario, CA home, here are four signs you need to call in a pro for plumbing services.

The Bathroom Stinks

If your bathroom’s filled with even the slightest lingering smell of rotten food or worse, it’s highly likely that you have sewage issues brewing down below. Chances are, there’s a busted sewer pipe or vent in need of tending to. There’s also a chance that the foul odor’s coming from your toilet, and it just hasn’t been properly cleaned. If the smell doesn’t go away after a good cleaning, then calling a plumber should likely be your next best move. 

Whether it’s a sewage issue or simply a clogged toilet, a reliable plumber should not only be able to fix the issue but also to help you understand what’s been causing the issues at hand and advise you on how to avoid it from happening again.

It Takes A While For The Sink To Drain

Clogged pipes are typical issues you can encounter both in the bathroom or kitchen. These are usually caused by a buildup of residue and gunk in your drainage, which could be fixed with your trusty plunger. However, if the plunger seems to not be getting the job done, avoid causing any further damage to your sink and pipe and give your plumber a call. 

While commercially available cleaners are also options that could do the trick, we highly advise against these corrosive cleaners, which contain high amounts of sulfuric acid, as they could put you at great risk of inhalation which is dangerous for your health. Your plumber could easily get the job done with a pipe snake, which won’t cause any damage to your pipes or your lungs.

You Don’t Have Hot Water

Water heaters typically have a maximum capacity which can be reached if you use up too much hot water in one go. It should take a while for it to heat back up to working capacity, but shouldn’t take the rest of the day to do so. If your water heater seems to only work for short periods of time, say, only in the morning, then you definitely have a problem at hand. A broken water heater is typically caused by a leak, which could be easily dealt with by your tried and trusted CA plumber. 

Have you noticed one of these signs in your home? If you’re in need of expert plumbing services, entrust your home with only the best plumber available to you. For quality and uncompromised service, give Care One Plumbing a call. Care One Plumbing provides the residents of Ontario, CA with a promise to not only fix whatever issue is at hand but also to prevent the need for future repairs—plumbing done right.