Home Basics: 3 Consequences of Ignoring A Leaky Faucet

Home Basics: 3 Consequences of Ignoring A Leaky Faucet

We know that you’ve probably got a lot going on in your everyday life, so you’re shuttling to and from your Ontario, CA home to various places: the office for work, the supermarket to pick up groceries, the daycare to pick up your toddler, maybe the school to pick up your older kids, the houses of your loved ones to pay visits to take care of them for a while...the list goes on and on. Your daily schedule is likely extremely loaded, but it’s no excuse to neglect household chores, it’s no reason to brush off potentially dangerous “minor” issues that may crop up, not the least of which is a leaky faucet. Read on to learn about three things that could happen if you choose to just ignore your leaky faucet and go about your merry day.

A Higher Water Bill

One little drop of water can build up to pools and pools of it when left ignored long enough. While you won’t notice the damages building up for a couple of weeks, you definitely will when you’re greeted by a heart-attack-inducing water bill you won’t see coming. Remember a leaky faucet could drip up to 4,000 times a day. That’s a ton of water wasted literally down the drain! Before you pay hundreds of dollars in utilities, call a reliable CA plumber to patch things up ASAP.

Wood Rot

In more extreme cases, water constantly dripping down the drain could lead to flooding in your bathroom or kitchen. This could lead to damaged furniture, water dripping from the ceiling, and a home filled with rotting wood. When exposed to high levels of moisture, wood can rot at an alarmingly fast rate. This can even negatively affect your home’s structural integrity, which would result in expensive renovation jobs you won’t be ready for. Before you end up having to renovate and replace all the wooden furniture in your home, give your local plumber a call.

Pricier Solutions 

Leaky faucets can actually be caused by underlying problems you won’t notice until asking a professional to check it out. When left ignored, those issues could end up getting worse, resulting in much bigger and more expensive repairs later on. Before you end up having to get a complete repiping job done, call your plumber ASAP. 

We do hope that after reading the above, the next time you see your faucet acting up...you actually go out and do something about it. Don’t let it get worse than it has to be. But if you’re not quite sure how to go about the repairs and need a pro to step up and do it for you, give Care One Plumbing a call, or set up an appointment. Care One Plumbing believes that .all plumbing-related problems in Ontario, CA are nothing to scoff at, big or small, and they work with clients to ensure their plumbing keeps moving, as it should.