Avoid Putting These Items Down Your Drain

Avoid Putting These Items Down Your Drain

While it may seem easy and convenient to dump your household waste down the drain, doing so may actually cause problems that can prove to be quite costly in the future. Dumping items down the drains in your home can cause damage to the drain, pipes, and sewer system.

So, before you dump that vat of bacon grease down the drain after breakfast, read on and learn what common household items shouldn't be put down the drain.

Sanitary Products

Yes, this may seem pretty obvious to some, but there are still people that continue to throw these items down the drains and by doing so, they are clogging their systems. Once the item gets stuck in the drain, you will almost always have to call a professional plumber to come in and clear the clog.

Sometimes the clog can be so bad that the sink or toilet will have to be replaced in addition to the pipes. It also may require that your yard gets torn up to reach the pipes.

Paper Products

Toilet paper is okay for drains because it was specially designed to dissolve quickly so it won't damage your sewer system. The same doesn't apply to other paper products like paper towels, cotton swabs, cotton balls, and napkins. These items do not dissolve as they get wet which leads to incredibly bad blockage when they are thrown down drains. They can also begin to back up the pipes as more and more of these products are thrown in.

Hair and Dental Floss

That same concept applies when hair and dental floss become stuck in the pipes. These items will begin to gather in the pipes and cause a blockage that can be hard to clear. The more that ends up in the pipes, the bigger the blockage becomes resulting in excessive damage.

Common Kitchen Refuse

Fat, oil, grease, and coffee grinds. All of these items are quite common in the kitchen. What do they have in common? When thrown down the drain, these items can cause damage to your plumbing system. These items all stick to the sides of the pipes as they go down which can lead to a buildup that causes the system to completely back up. They will then mix with other things in the public sewer system which can ultimately affect your drinking water.

Instead of throwing these items down the drain, dispose of them properly and safely in the trash can and avoid costly repairs in the future. The same applies to egg shells and other harder food waste. Even though your garbage disposal can destroy them, they can still cause damage to the pipes.

Clearing Clogs

If you find yourself with a stubborn clog in Ontario, CA that you can't get rid of, then it is probably time to call in a professional to assess how much damage has been done to the system. They will most likely perform a video camera inspection to see what is in the pipes and they can then try to clear the clogs with a drain snake service.