4 Ways To Know Your Plumbing Has A Leak

4 Ways To Know Your Plumbing Has A Leak

A leaky faucet can drive some people nuts, but most leaks are hard to detect and can go on for days, weeks, or even months before someone notices.  That’s dangerous because leaking water can warp and damage wood and stone, and it can encourage mold growth and ultimately lower the air quality inside your Ontario, CA home.  If you aren’t lucky enough to hear a leak, you’ll need to check for other signs to figure out what’s happening.

1. Your Water Bill Goes Up

Checking bills is how many people find out their plumbing has a leak.  Water is ordinarily very cheap, and most households use a consistent amount of water every month.  A sudden spike usually means there’s a leak, and the leak is significant.  However, a small leak probably won’t be as obvious, and a leak would have to be going for some time to show up on a bill.  As such, you should look for other signs rather than relying on your bill to tell you.

2. The Meter Keeps Running

Every house and apartment in Ontario, CA has its own set of meters that measure electricity and water use.  Inspectors no longer stop by every month to read them in person, but you can find them and read them yourself to see if you have a water leak.  Turn off all the running water in your home, check the number on the meter, and then check it again an hour or two later.  If the number has changed, there’s a leak somewhere in your house.

3. Visible Damage

Sinks are made of porcelain and stainless steel because water is a lot more harmful and corrosive than you might think.  If water gets on paper, unsealed wood, drywall, and other surfaces it can cause cracking, warping, weakening, and stains.  If you detect any of these signs on the floor, ceiling, or walls, there may be a leaky pipe hiding right on the other side.

4. Signs Of Mold And Mildew

A water leak can allow all kinds of pest insects and animals survive in your home.  However, even if you don’t get an infestation, you’re sure to see a spike in mold and mildew growth.  You can detect mold growth by spotting growing stains and discolorations near the leak’s location, by noticing the characteristic musty smell of mildew, or by experiencing a runny nose and a cough that seem to disappear whenever you leave home.

Sometimes fixing a leak is as easy as tightening a bolt, but other times it’s a tough job that demands years of experience and the kind of equipment that can reach into the space inside a wall.  At times like this, it’s always best to call in a professional.  If you live in Ontario, CA, the professionals you need work at Care One Plumbing.  Our plumbers have years of combined experience, so contact us today to find out what services we offer and get an initial estimate on the cost of your leaky problem.