COVID-19 Is Not The Only Germ You Need To Worry About

COVID-19 Is Not The Only Germ You Need To Worry About

Everyone living and working in Ontario, CA is struggling to adjust to a very different kind of lifestyle because of the COVID-19 virus. This novel virus has now swept across the entire world and is an officially designated global pandemic; It’s forced many people to stay and home and work from there, while schools and nonessential businesses have been shut down.

But while staying at home in Ontario, CA is the best thing to do right now, sometimes you need to take action for emergencies. Plumbing, for example, is one of those areas where if you have a problem, it shouldn’t wait. And if it’s something like a broken drainage pipe, that’s an emergency that needs a professional response because of the health risk.

No Pipe Lasts Forever

Drainage pipes can be very easy for many homeowners to forget about. In many cases, a drainage pipe is never even a consideration because they can operate for decades without a problem, and multiple families can move into and leave a household without issue.

But even the best-built pipe isn’t permanent. Factors like the simple passage of time, corrosion due to properties of the water, or even physical damage from a tree’s roots can all damage a drainage pipe. If this happens, wastewater may eventually start seeping out.

The Health Risks

COVID-19 is uppermost in everyone’s mind right now because it is a virus that can make people sick. However, wastewater is another major source of contagion. For severe cases, like flooding, even a blocked drainage pipe, where sewer water enters a basement or comes up through toilets, this can put every resident in a household at serious health jeopardy.

As with COVID-19, some illnesses can be contracted from wastewater through simple physical contact. Dysentery, stomach flu, hepatitis A, gastroenteritis, and many, many other diseases are all potentially in sewage. Physical contact with water, accidental consumption, or even water penetrating scratches, cuts, or other wounds can all result in infection.

Physical Damage

The other major issue with a break in a drainage pipe is the potential damage this can have on your property. A crack in a pipe that’s already left your property can damage the soil around it and, if left unaddressed, can eventually form a blockage. Drainage pipes that break somewhere within the home, such as running along a wall or ceiling, can cause water damage to drywall and insulation, in addition to leaking contaminants into the property.

If you would like to know what condition your drainage pipes are in, call the experts. You may already notice smells coming up from drains, or see water damage along with ceilings or walls. If you see discolored grass and a sewage-like smell emanating from one part of your property, this may be another clue that all is not well with your drainage systems.

Anyone with these doubts or signs who lives in Ontario, CA should get help fast. Contact Care One Plumbing, and we can find out what your drainage pipe situation is, and get things back to normal.